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When asked about this website, frequently I get the “WTF look” when I say it’s “Menoart” then I explain,

“I am one HOT woman…but not in a good way!”

Menopause is…well different for every woman. The positives for me are, I rarely need a jacket, I can jump into that COLD pool and don’t shiver and…well, I was trying to find a third reason but there’s not one.

I love to create and will try to get back to updating this site. Since I last posted anything in 2013 I’ve created a few dozen more. Note this is NOT a cutsy site for kids, in fact some of my art is more adult, mainly language. If swearing and bad words like “fuck” offend you, then log off. I don’t want/need to hear any pointless lectures on how I’m going to burn in hell, I’m already there, thanks
to menopause – I’m always HOT!

I’m a real person and I really do swear…not all the time; well…actually that depends on the day. I was sharing with a woman (as I’m fanning myself to cool off) “Can’t wait till this shit is DONE!” she replies, “My Grandmother is 94…she still has hot flashes!” OMG What a bitch! WHY would such a normal looking woman share that with anyone!?! My internal temp just went up to 150!

Such is my life, now. I love to paint, create and just be messy. I do work a real job with real clients and sometimes work gets in the way of creating. I don’t like those days…it’s so sad to walk by my canvas’, paint and brushes and not be able to do anything but…sigh. Oh well, the work pays for MORE paint, brushes & canvas’…eventually.

This is not one of those sites where my goal is to be all perfect like June Cleaver…it’s just not me.

I’m really just trying to keep it real and have fun.


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